Celine Dion Together With ‘The Voice’ As An Advisor

The top celebrity Canadian singer Celine Dion Have The Most Beautiful Voice Really and now is joining “The Voice”. TeamGwen just got some serious star power on “The Voice.”Celine Dion Together  With 'The Voice' As A Advisor

Celine Dion Have The Most Beautiful Voice Really

It was announced Friday that super woman songster Celine Dion is coming on board for season 12 as a mentor on Gwen Stefani’s team.

“Very excited to join gwenstefani on @NBCTheVoice as #TeamGwen’s advisor for Battles! TheVoice -Céline,” Dion tweeted along with a photo of her and Stefani.

Next to her, a singer and star Celine Dion more unsettled than any time in recent memory that one won’t hear much talk. In any case, most importantly sing. “There is nobody like her,” remarks Gwen Stefani as the Quebecois starts singing “Light fixture” from Sia and after that her own tracks, remixed with the principal name of her partner.

“I hear music throughout the day with her, I don’t have a clue about what’s happening in her mind however it’s insane inside, and it’s awesome,” says Stefani. Beautiful Canadian singer Céline Dion will in the end clarify that “regardless of the possibility that she is in the business for quite a while, [Céline Dion] dependably learns”.

The pair also appeared on “Today” together, singing each other’s praises.

“Everybody is going to be so mad — the other coaches — that I got you,” Stefani said. “Yes! So excited.”

“I know Gwen very well,” Dion said of their friendship. “I know her career, I know how beautiful she is.”