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The fifth year of Miss World Indonesia 2017 was held again, quarantine from July 8th and grand final night will take place July 20, 2017. Here is is Biodata Profile 30 Finalist of Miss World Indonesia 2017 for the world.  Miss World Indonesia 2017 will look for winners not only beautiful in physical, but also have good personality and the main thing is care about environmental sustainability. Top 5 Miss World Indonesia has a title that is.

Miss Indonesia World (Miss Indonesia World )
Miss Indonesia World – Air (Miss Indonesia Air)
Miss Indonesia World – Water (Miss Indonesia Air)
Miss Indonesia World – Fire (Miss Indonesia Api)
Miss Indonesia World – Eco-tourism (Putri Pariwisata Alam Indonesia )

Here is a list of biographical profile of 30 finalist Miss World Indonesia 2017

Michelle Victoria Alriani
Call Michelle
Finalist No.01
Bandung, April 20, 1997
UGM Faculty of Law Faculty of 2015
Top 10 Miss Celebrity Indonesia 2016

Amalia Ainun Yusuf Tambunan
Call Amel
Finalist No.02
Medan, August 29, 1998
Mahasisiwi Jakarta Art Institute
Top 10 Beautiful Indonesia 2015

Call Wuland
Finalist No.03
Bengkulu, 28 November 1992
PNS DG of Community Development MoHA
Runner up 2 Putri Dirgantara Indonesia 2016

Kylia daughter Tiani
Calls Kaylia
Finalists No.04
Jakarta, December 6 1998
Champion Cup 2016 AT ICC

Tetra Sherilla Armavira
Call Tetra
Finalist No.05
Pontianak, October 23, 1998
Student of Sriwijaya University
Top 10 Puteri Indonesia Sumatera Selatan 2015

Dewi Purnamasari
Call Dewi
Finalis No.06
Jakarta, May 31, 1996
Tarumanegara University Student
Receving Icaew Scholarship, Represent My School In National Olympiad

Mercy Andrea
Calls Andrea
Finalist No.07
Bandung, April 12, 1996 Best
IGCSE Business Studies, Penabur International School

Selina Astiri
Call Selin Finalis
Bandung, October 23, 1997
Gajah Mada University Student
Photography contest at national and provincial level, and delegation of Indonesia Asean Student Youth Camp 2017

Firda Aulina
Call Aul
Finalist No.09
Jakarta, September 1, 1994
Flight Nam Air Stewardess
The Best Excelent Sriwijaya Air Group

Helda Hemas Suriri
Call Helda
Finalist No.10
Malang, January 11, 1997
Finalist Wajaha Femina 2015

Ravelia Putri Irawan
Calls Velia
Finalist No. 11
Padang, December 18, 1998
Ambassador Traffic West Sumatra

Marsha Emilia Pical
Call Marsha
Finalist No. 12
Jakarta, May 21, 1993
Actress and Master Ballet
Top 10 Miss Indonesia 2013 and actor Patricia filmed My Stupid Boss

Kathrine Permatasari
Call Kathy
Finalist No. 13
Surabaya, August 28, 1995
Student Faculty of Law University of Surabaya
Ning Talented Surabaya 2014

Stella Bella Elizabeth Maukar
Calls Stella
Finalist No. 14
Jakarta, April 22, 1997
Finalist Indonesia Top Model 2015

Call Nita
Finalist No. 15
Purwodadi, December 29, 1994
Make Up Artist

Refty Eka Rani
Call Refty
Finalist No. 16
Bandar Lampung, November 11, 1998
2nd runner up Supermodel Indonesia 2017

Anastasia Olivia Wongso
Finalist Calls no . 17
Jakarta, July 26th 1992
Finalists Internet Miss Indonesia 2017

Intan Wisni Permatasari
Finalist Diamond No. 18
Tangerang, 08 September 1998 Professional
Model Entertainment Ruddy Hadisuwarno, Model of Makarizo 2014

Jazzy Anastasia Kinsky
Call Jazzy
Finalist No. 19
Kendal, May 21, 1994
English Teachers
Win 1 Tourism Ambassador Kendal District 2013 and Police Ambassador Central Java 2016

Irma Kurniasih
Call Irma
Finalist No. 20
Jakarta, May 31, 1996
University of Indonesia Education Student
Finalist Duta Bahasa Jawa Barat 2016

Dilla Kusuma Goddess
Call Dilla
Finalist No. 21
Cimahi, May 21, 1998
Student of Faculty of Accounting Trisakti University
None Favorite West Jakarta 2017

Difa Dini Asfari
Call Difa
Finalist No. 22
Bandung, October 24, 1992
Champion 3 and Favorite Champion Mojang Bandung 2014

Rizky Anisha
Call Icha
Finalist No. 23
Solok, December 10, 1996
1st Runner up Miss Sumatera Barat 2017

Trisna Wulanda Chania
Calls Nana
Finalist No. 24
Padang, September 12, 1997
Student State University of Padang
Runner Up Miss Teen Indonesia 2016 and Finalist of Miss Celebrity Indonesia 2016

Nurul Fhadilla Prima Yanda
Call Dilla
Finalist No. 25
Bukit Tinggi, August 14th 1994
Miss West Sumatra Indonesian 1st, 2017 and Model Search 2016 in Padang

Alicia Beverly Weley
Call Alicia
Finalist No. 26
Surabaya, August 5, 1995
Djarum Foundation Delegate In Rome 2017 and Finalist of Putri Putri Batik Nusantara 2015

Putu Ayu Sita Laksmi
Call Sita
Finalist No. 27
Denpasar, February 19, 1994
Puteri Indonesia Bali Friendship 2016 and Indonesian Delegation to South Korea and Thailand (AYFN)

Rita Nurmaliza
Calls Rita
Finalist No. 28
Bengkalis, October 17, 1995
Dara Bengkalis Regency 2013

Wilda Octaviana Situngkir
Call Wilda
Finalist No. 29
Jakarta, October 27, 1995
Runner up 1 Princess Tourism Kuburaya Regency West Kalimantan

Lisa Dwi Wahyuningsih
Call Lisa
Finalist No. 30
Malang, April 20, 1993
Runner up 1 Putri Tourism Kuburaya Regency West Kalimantan 2015

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Here is the list of Trivia Crown of Miss Universe till to day that will really inspire and be informational for you. 1952: Trivia Crown of Miss Universe. The first crown of Miss Universe is only used by Armi Kuusela, the first Miss Universe. This crown is a miniature replica of the crown worn by Queen Elizabeth II of England, with jewelry at the base of velvet and tied to the head with a white ribbon.Miss Universe Trivia - Some Quick Facts

1953: The second crown of the second Miss Universe crown is used only by Christiane Martel, the second Miss Universe. The crown is a small gold crown, made of metal, with five tops above it with a small ball, the center top intensity has a small bright ornament.

1954-1960: The third crown of Miss Universe was used in the holding of 1954-1960. The shape is thin, decorated with diamonds and pearls, whose structure consists of ten peaks, five on each side, each topped with pearls. At the center, a rising star adorns the set, which is the main ornament.

1961-1962: The fourth Miss Universe crown was used from 1961-1962. This is a classic crown as a beauty queen, the structure is smooth, amorphous and symmetrical, decorated with bright-shaped leaves. In the center, big stars-six peaks.

1963-2001: The fifth crown of Miss Universe is the longest crown used as a symbol. A thin, brightly colored, ornament-shaped shape on the sides, framing the oval center containing a female figure with arms at the sides of the body (logo until Miss Universe 1997) standing on a circle. This crown, subjected to subtle changes for some use, changes from larger pieces, something a little more subtle and narrow.

2002-2007: The sixth crown of Miss Universe, officially called Phoenix, but known as the Mikimoto crown, was first used in 2002 to 2007. It consists of 18 carat diamonds, 800 bright and 120 high quality pearls. Its value is around $ 250,000.

2008: The seventh Miss Universe crown is only used in the 2008 edition. Designed by Rosalina Tran Lydster Jewelry Company by Rosalina and Dang Thi Kim Lien from CAO Fine Jewelry, Vietnam. With a value of $ 120,000, made of white gold and 18 carat gold, and more than a thousand precious stones, including diamonds, quartz, and gems.

2009 – 2013: The eighth crown of Miss Universe crown is chosen by Internet users around the world. The Miss Universe organization commissioned the Nexus Labs Diamond Company, to create a new crown, named Peace, Unity and Hope (Hope). The design that won the most votes voting is Hope, so Miss Universe this year using the crown.

2014: The ninth Trivia Crown of Miss Universe produced by Diamond International Corporation (DIC), a gem company from the Czech Republic with a crowning inspiration from a skyscraper located in New York, USA. Total weight of 411 grams for $ 300,000. Consisting of 33 natural rocks, 5 topaz stones are 18.6 carat black, 198 sapphire stone is 29.7 carat black, 311 small gem 10.37 carats.

2017: Crown of Mikimoto (used in 2002-2007) re-used in the coronation of Demi-Leigh Nel-Peters

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Cong’s  to Koko Steven and Cici Michelle Elected as Koko Cici Jakarta 2017. Cong’s to Koko Steven and Cici Michelle Elected as Koko Cici Jakarta 2017Passing the quarantine for 14 days, the final night of Koko Cici Jakarta 2017 took place on Tuesday (9/5/2017) at Taman Ismail Marzuki Small Theater.Cong's  to Koko Steven and Cici Michelle Elected as Koko Cici Jakarta 2017

The event opened with a performance performance performances of 32 pairs of finalists with peranakan dance combined beautifully with Betawi dance. Followed by Koko Cici Jakarta dance.

Finalists were judged by eight juries namely Donny de Keizer (public speaking) Drs. H. Sukarno (government) Jhonie Sugiarto (tourism) Mulya Dewi SH (foreign language) Guan Nan (Chinese culture & mandarin) Irma M. Psi (psychology) Wilsen Bunnawan (bond koko cici) and Wilson Wijaya (koko cici ties)

The event was then followed by a fashion show parade, Koko looks dashing with suits and Cici suits look beautiful with evening dress. Followed by question and answer session and the top of the jury to choose Steven Tjhin & Michelle T Koko Cici Jakarta 2017, both will compete again diajang Koko Cici Indonesia.

Here is the list of winners Koko Cici Jakarta 2017

Steven Tjhin & Michelle T Koko Cici Jakarta 2017
Representative I
Kenny Hutomo & Regina Rianto Koko Cici Jakarta 2017 representatives II
Son Agung & Luissela N Koko Cici Jakarta 2017 Hope I
Andre Arlis & Melinda Konny Koko Cici Jakarta 2017 Harapan II
Febryan Kurniawan & Evita Loudres Koko Cici Jakarta 2017 Favorite
David Theo & Sheila Shaady Koko Cici Jakarta 2017 Gifted

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Ximena Navarrete is formally drawn in to Juan Carlos Valladares! The previous Miss Universe reported the news on her Instagram account with a photograph of herself embracing her lover, and obviously, her staggering wedding band made its introduction. “Today my @jcvalladares gave me the most wonderful shock in the world!!!!! I am the most joyful lady in this universe!!!!! I’m getting hitched to the best man, my closest companion, and the man with whom I long for framing a family. I cherish you!!!! You’re the best!!!” the star subtitled the photograph. Get here news photos images of weddings Ximena Navarrete Is affianced.  Secrets to Looking Natural in Your Wedding Photos

As indicated by HOLA!, the future prepare requested Navarrete’s deliver marriage at the Palacio Museum of San Agustín, where he painstakingly chose the establishments to make the ideal mood for the proposition. The couple, which started dating right around a year prior, later facilitated a gathering with loved ones to commend their engagement. See her Miss Universe Ximena Navarrete.

The lovely lady turned on-screen character held the relationship under wraps for some time until the point that she at long last uncovered her relationship to her supporters. Congrats to the cheerful couple and future Mr. furthermore, Mrs. Former Miss Universe Ximena Navarrete announces her engagement

Valladares! In the wake of catching the Miss Universe crown in 2010 — and winding up just the second Mexican subject to do as such, we may include! — Navarrete has been keeping occupied as an effective performer, chipping away at well known telenovelas. So obviously, her proposition was absolutely cleanser musical drama commendable! As indicated by E! News, the lovely lady’s beau of one year, Juan Carlos Valladares, took Navarrete to the Palacio Museum of San Agustín, where he pre-orchestrated the establishments of the workmanship exhibition to fill in as immaculate proposition feeling. Valladares at that point popped the inquiry with a to-bite the dust for wedding band, including an on top of the world focus precious stone on a silver band.

Furthermore, obviously, the lady of the hour to-be really wanted to flaunt her new wonderful trinket with an EngagementRingSelfie (see beneath) on the ‘Gram. No stresses, Navarrete — we wouldn’t have the capacity to help ourselves, either! “Today my @jcvalladares gave me the most lovely shock in the world!!!!!,” Navarrete wrote in Spanish, subtitling a photograph of herself and her playmate grasping. “I am the most joyful lady in this universe!!!!! I’m getting hitched to the best man, my closest companion, and the man with whom I long for framing a family. I adore you!!!! You’re the best!!!”

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The Spanish Colonial resurgence in the Heart of the Hollywood hills now. This 1927 Spanish Colonial Revival sits above Sunset Boulevard in the core of the Hollywood Hills. The news is about Grand Hollywood Hills Spanish Colonial Hits Market For $7.95 Million by Forbes.

It has been possessed since 1999 by big name inside architect Craig Wright, whose customers have included Michael Douglas, Dan Aykroyd, James Coburn and James Garner.

Meryl Streep Buys Mid-Century Spread in California

“At this moment there is nothing available here in Los Angeles that is remotely similar to it,” said posting specialist Sally Forster Jones. “It’s simply the style, the highlights, the quality—that is the thing that makes it one of a kind.”

“It’s all intriguing and comfortable,” she said. “He had a considerable measure of Hollywood first class going to the house.” Now Spanish Colonial Revival in the hills of Bronson Canyon get latest news.

In his decade-long rebuild of the drifting old house, Mr. Wright looked for motivation from the Andalusia, a memorable 1920s condo complex in Hollywood where he had beforehand lived, as indicated by Architectural Digest.

“He has utilized loads of various styles in the house, yet everything feels pulled together,” Ms. Jones said. “He likewise gathers collectibles and it’s brimming with excellent collectibles.”

“It’s extremely private with hint regions all through,” she said. “There are loads of niches and corners and private seating regions.”

Other structural and configuration subtle elements incorporate hand-created moldings, bronze-threw warming meshes, openings, expand light fixtures, inlet roofs, fabricated ins, hardwood floors and great sections.

“What is exceptional is the library—with twofold stature roofs, a luxurious chimney, and a wet bar,” Ms. Jones said. “It has been included in Architectural Digest various circumstances.”

The house additionally has a formal lounge area and a smooth, all-white kitchen, which is furnished with Thermador machines, floor-to-roof metro tiles, and stone ledges.

“The rooms are largely unique,” Ms. Jones said. “All are suites with special styles.”

Neighborhood notes

“It’s not high up in the slopes—it’s two minutes from the Sunset Strip, at the maximum,” Ms. Jones said. “A considerable lot of the youthful famous people support this zone.”

“It’s near West Hollywood, with its many bars and eateries,” she said. “It’s near Beverly Hills. It’s near the majority of the activity.”

Operators: Sally Forster Jones, Bryce Lowe and Kirby Gillon, John Aaroe Group.

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Here are teh Isko ISKO I-SKOOL awards Winner 2017 that you are looking for your own fan’s. Isko, a worldwide pioneer in denim generation and material advancement, has declared the victors of the Denim Design and Marketing grant for the fourth version of ISKO I-SKOOL, the out-of-the-container instructive venture including probably the most essential schools on a global level, alongside Creative Room, its Italian style and configuration think-thank. I-Skool Denim Talent Awards 2017 Turkey

The challenge included more than 60,000 understudies from everywhere throughout the world. Without precedent for ISKO I-SKOOL history, the challenge welcomed free understudies to contend, by sending their application through the official site of the opposition. Each champ was granted with temporary positions with the brands that help the activity. The champ of the Marketing grant was the group driven by Sara Giordano (Polimoda), granted by Diana Profir (Itema).

The champ of the Best Seller grant was Massimiliano Mucciarelli (Università Iuav di Venezia), granted by Adriano Goldschmied. The champ of the Responsible Innovation grant was Morine Uramoto (BUNKA Fashion College), granted by Tricia Carey (Lenzing). Champ of the Best Show Piece grant was Sara Armellin (Polimoda), granted by Silvia Lo Giudice and Massimo Pasqualon (Peter Non).

Victor of the Reca grant was Mianchen Wang (The New School – Parsons), granted by Paolo Diacci (Reca Group). The champ of the Swarovski grant was Giulia Masciangelo (NABA), granted by Claudio Marcolli (Swarovski).

Understudies were approached to make denim outfits for their preferred period, following a challenging topic, GENDERFUL, a festival of the new and comprehensive approaches to imagine the many models of self-articulation that rise above conventional sexual orientation classes to advance new and developing types of character.

The understudies’ manifestations were assessed by the Denim Design grant jury, whose president was mold pioneer and denim trailblazer Adriano Goldschmied, to pick the best manifestations. For the Marketing grant, understudies were made a request to outline a vital advertising design and its strategic activities keeping in mind the end goal to disclose and offer an incentive to one of the preeminent subjects in worldwide form motivation today, the association amongst mold and manageability, style and best practices. The ISKO I-SKOOL Marketing grant jury individuals were famous worldwide design and promoting and correspondence specialists.

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The first album of the group Mélisande [electrotrad] marked a stage of the trad quebecois. Now here Vintages , created both more dance and electro. The traditional background remains, and is even reinforced as a result of an important repertoire search. 

Marika Rossa - Dancing Mode (Giorgio Rusconi Remix)

The spirit of the original texts is respected, different versions are sometimes assembled, but words are added, often from a feminist perspective. As for the music, it groove strong, what we can probably notice Wednesday at the Lion d’Or with seven musicians on stage in a performance of free launch and open to the public.

” Initially, the idea was to make électrotrad lament, but we said we were going to add a couple more funny songs and swinging a bit more ” , says Alexandre Grosbois-Garand, says Mill, One of the two members at the heart of the group with Mélisande. ” We were looking drinking songs, but not necessarily songs drunks. ” An example of this: the song Wine and Water , performed by Mélisande duet with Alexandre Désilets, which reads in part: ” Alas, you’re crazy / Said the wine with water / You cowls, you drive, you steal / along these streams / And like a wandering / Still you follow the slope / At least invite me ! / Because man mixes it / Gives me praise / A thousand times more than you. “

Here, popular literature back to the surface, based on a beat colored interior. Elsewhere, one explores the wine process from branch to pitcher and from mouth to head, with a little jig on a light pace. Often the traditional roles of men and women are reversed, and the woman may even become the heiress of the bottle. ” Let us drink gossips my / our men, they are far ” , does one crying in the title When men are the vines.

{Millésimer les chansons}

The booklet shows the books, collections, backgrounds and other sources of the songs in a very detailed and interesting way. For the realization of the disc Vintages , Melisande and Moulin traveled among other folklore archives and ethnology at Laval University or those of the American Folk Life Center at the Library of Congress in Washington. The universe goes by John A. Lomax as well as by Aristide Bruant or Marius Barbeau, from the harvest song to the reel and much more.

” We got a flash , that of a vintage songs ,” said Melisande superb singer with a very pure voice and strong personality. ” We felt that there was in it an interesting speech, such as to enhance the wine, have wine theme with his hand a little more noble. It even makes a little royalty. ” This also explains the choice of purple, predominant on the cover.

Mélisande does not sing in the old, it comes from the rock and the song, but the nobility that describes the door also in its interpretation. As mill, he says that the new drive is both trad more and more pop than the previous one: ” This is the first time we have a really traditional real, as Reel beggars Tremblay , we inserted in the drunken sober. This is also the first time we have some pop chorus. ” And how he worked electro, which means a lot before? ” I first made sketches with appliances arrangements. We managed to make it an integral part of creation. “

What else on this disc? Acoustic instruments such as violin and flute or brass at times, in addition to the participation of Nicolas Boulerice of the North Wind and author-slammer David Goudreault. The latter will climb on stage at launch.

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Céline Dion is among the nominees for the Juno album of the year

Juno Awards Gala good to Quebec artists
Toronto (Wednesday, February 08, 2017):- Celine Dion is one of the finalists in the category of album of the year Juno Awards, thanks to her latest album, Another evening .

Quebec singer will oppose the late Montreal singer-songwriter Leonard Cohen ( You Want It Darker ), Drake ( Views ) Shawn Mendes ( Illuminate ) and the Weeknd ( Starboy ) in the category. Drake, Shawn Mendes and the Weeknd will be the big favorites of the evening, with five nominations each, while Leonard Cohen and Alessia Cara follow them closely with four.

Yann Perreau ( Fantastic of the stars ), Karim Ouellet ( Trento ), Koriass ( Supreme Love ), Fred Fortin ( Ultramarr ) and Laurence Nerbonne ( XO ) are vying for a Juno for Francophone Album of the Year Gord Downie and his band Tragically Hip are also nominated in several categories. The singer is finalist for the songwriter of the year, the best alternative adult album and the best video clip. The band is in the running for the Juno group of the year and the best rock album. The Juno Awards will be held on April 2 at the Canadian Tire Center in Ottawa. The ceremony will be broadcast live at CTV.

Among the artists who will sing during the show are Shawn Mendes, Alessia Cara, Strumbrellas, Ruth B and A Tribe Called Red. A tribute to Sarah McLachlan will also be part of the ceremony. Michael Bublé must lead the evening, but his participation remains uncertain. Last November, the Canadian singer and his wife, Argentine actress Luisana Lopilato, announced that they would take a professional break to look after their three-year-old son, who is fighting cancer.

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Jedward pummel “old” Louis Walsh: ‘We are the most fiscally valuable demonstration of his profession in the most recent 10 years’ Jedward have propelled a searing assault on previous chief Louis Walsh after he portrayed the go about as “the most humiliating thing to transpire”. Why Jedward claims Louis Walsh’s “A big financially enhancing act of the last Ten prolonged Years” know. Jedward claims Louis Walsh’s “A big financially enhancing act of the last Ten prolonged Years”

The pop twins (25), who rose to notoriety on The X Factor in 2009, were gobbled up by Walsh who spoke to them for a long time before their mom Susanna Condron assumed control as their director in 2013. The Mayo music head honcho (64) said the most humiliating snapshot of his profession was “working with Jedward and putting them through on The X Factor” and the young men have emerged cocked and locked with all due respect.

“I think we are the most monetarily valuable demonstration of his profession in the most recent 10 years,” Edward claims. John resounded his announcement, saying: “I don’t think he encouraged us. I think we were at that point flying and he resembled, ‘Gracious I think I need a part of that.

“I think he got old. It resembles somebody saying in the face of your good faith and you resemble, ‘hold up, I didn’t know there was an issue.'” The combine made the remarks on the most up to date scene of Living With Lucy, where moderator Lucy Kennedy relocated to their Dublin downtown area condo for an end of the week. John said the match have no obligation and are “Anything we purchase, we get everything out. We don’t pay a home loan.

I don’t have any obligations,” John clarified on the show, which pretense on Tuesday at 9:30pm. It’s accounted for the melodic team, who spoke to Ireland at the Eurovision twice, have been compelled to take a compensation cut after their firm Planet Jedward recorded joined misfortunes of €234,000 in two years.

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Born a Muslim father and a Christian mother, author Blandine Soulmana, who immigrated to Quebec 10 years ago, is not afraid to make severe judgments about the conduct of her fellow men.

A few days after the release of his new essay These differences and habits that bother , Metro spoke with the writer, who blames newcomers not to bend to the values of Quebec, while blaming Quebecers not To be respected."Quebeckers are too tolerant" = (Blandine Soulmana)

Blandine Soulmana conversation about Quebeckers:

Why did you feel the need to write about this thorny subject of reasonable accommodations when it is already over-mediated?
It is because I find the non-fundamentalist Muslim majority particularly silent in this debate raised by the draft charter of values. As a Muslim immigrant, I can also make strong statements that the majority of Quebeckers are afraid to say out loud.

You actually use a rather raw and direct language. You find that some members of your community think they are all allowed, is it true?
But you see them like me, on TV, in the newspapers, on the Internet! This minority of fundamentalists who constantly complain that their rights are being violated … They say that, but they are no more ready to make concessions, it exasperates me. My Algerian father, who immigrated to France, instilled in me the value of respect. He said, “When you come to another country, it’s like when you go into another’s house. If everyone removes his shoes, you take away yours, otherwise you do not enter … “

In your opinion, people who come to settle in Quebec do not learn enough about the secular values ​​of this society before immigrating?
They are too numerous to ignore. They are not aware that for the majority of Quebeckers, veiling women is seen as a macho attitude and superiority. They also do not understand that leaving their country necessarily implies renouncing certain values.

You devote several chapters to detailing customs that sometimes turn into horror stories, from forced marriage to genital mutilation, to the crime of honor … Why did you want to talk about it?
First, I have experienced many of these inhuman acts, including the abduction of my son … Secondly, I have decided to gather dozens of testimonies to show that women who live here in Quebec experience these atrocities. And we accept that! This is where the line is too thin between tolerance and laxity.

You also address Quebeckers, telling them that they accept everything and anything.
Let’s be clear, I love Quebec, I like it, but I find Quebeckers too tolerant. Everything must be accepted in the name of tolerance … it is false! A free country must lay down limits to enforce the freedom of all. The draft charter is well in this sense, it establishes tags to live in harmony. On the other hand, the recommendations of the Bouchard-Taylor commission are too soft, and leave room for skidding …

So you are sure that the solution lies in the charter of values?
I am not sure, but it is a good track of actions. We must take action, and quickly, before we lose sight of all the benefits of immigration.

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