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Finding motorcycle jackets for women is not that easy because you have to do quite hard work because not every motorcycle jacket is made for the women. Ownthelook has a huge range of women clothing and they surely have women motorcycle jackets as well. Ownthelook discount do tell us that there is so much fun in dressing up in their clothes.


Motorcycle jackets

Motorcycle jackets are a little too baggy and too uncomfortable for women. This is the reason why women do not like them much. Jackets for women can be a style statement but only If you go to the right stores to buy them.

We know men are all about jackets and hoods but for women, getting motorcycle jackets is kind of weird. This is because women are not so much into bike riding stuff so they prefer wearing girlish things. But then, there are some daring women who do not feel shy about the driving bike.

A whole new level of jackets obsession

In winters, we love nothing but jackets no matter whether it is a woman or a man. Both of them get obsessed with motorcycle jackets.

Accessories with motorcycle jackets
There is so much more to wear with the motorcycle jackets. You can wear motorcycle tops, gloves and helmets as well. All of this accessory will keep you safe from any trouble in your way. If you have cared enough to drive a bike, you better dare to stay in the boundaries of rules and regulations too.
Ownthelook Instagram has a lot of stuff waiting for you like blazer dress, jackets, accessories and so much more. Also, there are backpacks too. they will help you in keeping everything in order. It would be more than fun or the bike drivers out there.

Go for black colour
You must be thinking why just black? Well, black is a daring colour and you can ace any look in black colour. So, you better go with a black colour to enhance your daring looks. This would be so much FUN.
If you are a scarf buddy? Go for them with motorcycles too. they may save you from the dirt all around
Motorcycle socks
Women always want to be in full costume no matter where they are going and why they are going. So, socks are a major in this section too.

We, women, women, love motorcycles too
Not all of the women drive bikes but they really love them too. we want to look the best in every look.
So, get the coolest stuff for your motorcycle rides and get the best out of every bike ride. If you do not enjoy doing what you do, there is no mean of doing it. So, make sure that you are doing everything with so much fun as if you are doing it for the last time.


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Sleeping well at night greatly influences our physical, moral, and life in general during the day. Some easy-to-apply anti-stress methods and tips to sleep well can radically change the quality of our lives.

  • Tame your sleep

There are those who wiggle for hours in the sheets before falling asleep … Those who always have the feeling of having bad nights and waking up tired…

  • Sleep well

We can improve things to sleep well by getting to know each other better and respecting certain rules. We are unequal with sleep and the needs fluctuate according to the individuals. Half of the French (50%) belong to the category of average sleepers with 8 hours per night. The others are big or small sleepers. Studies have shown that all sleep patterns benefit from the same amount of deep restorative sleep.

So do not try to shorten your nights, or lengthen them, your sleeper temperament, which is largely due to genetic factors. Likewise, we are born early or late-night, according to our internal clock. The time of falling asleep is controlled by our hormones. They cause regular variations in body temperature over 24 hours: a decrease promotes sleep and an increase causes awakening. How to sleep well? Tips and practical methods

The quality of our nights also depends on the respect of the sleep cycles. Each of them lasts between an hour and a half and 2 hours. It is estimated that it takes on average 5 cycles to sleep well and spend a good night’s rest. To fall asleep well and to wake up well, it is essential to sleep a whole number of cycles. If you finish your night during the cycle – in the middle of a phase of deep sleep for example you have the impression of having bad or not enough sleep. While half an hour before or after would have been enough for an easy and serene awakening.

How to sleep well? Tips and practical methods

  • Do Not Use Mobile Phone

It’s very often to use cellphones at night in the bed. Hours are spent in using mobile. Lovers send good night messages to their love. So this should be avoided it affects your sleep time and you cannot sleep well and it has bad impact on your health.

  • Sleep in a cool and airy room. (20 ‘C maximum)

Go to bed as soon as you feel sleepy. But if you cannot find it, do not stay in bed. Stand up: read or watch TV in another room.

At bedtime do not force yourself

  • Wake up to be regular

If possible, always get up at the same time. Too bad for the mornings, a good sleep passes by the regularity. A hot shower helps to raise your internal temperature to normal and gives you a quick wake up feeling.

  • A tip to sleep well

Sleep well this trick is ultra-effective for sleeping well! During the evening, as soon as you feel the signs of falling asleep (tingling eyes, yawning), note the time and wait for the phenomenon to happen again. The elapsed time corresponds to the duration of one of the cycles. Then go to a small calculation to determine a bedtime and waking time corresponding to the beginning and end of a cycle. After getting up a little earlier, you gain in quality of sleep and ease of waking. So, do not miss the release of your alarm clock! If your difficulties with sleep persist, you should consult a doctor. Sleep well for a cat

  • To sleep well, in the evening, relax

Take a bath or a shower. Every night, the body temperature decreases by several degrees during sleep. Opt for cold water, which anticipates this phenomenon. Avoid violent exercises, scary movies or stressful discussions. Instead, walk in a quiet place. Take a light dinner. Prepare an herbal tea: verbena, linden. Give up coffee, even light, as well as alcohols. Drink a glass of milk before bedtime. The soothing action of milk is due to the presence of tryptophan, amino acid precursor of serotonin. There are other foods rich in tryptophan: cashews, almonds, peanuts and yeast.

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Sarah is from one of the known personalities in all over the world just because of her elegant dressing in fashion industry. She is an MBA in fashion industry and now today she is becoming a great inspiration for all the women, especially for those young girls who having planned to do her own business in near future.Sarah Stagliano - Créateur d'entreprise

Let’s find how she follows the fashion.

BBA &MBA through: BusinessStudyNotes

Her style at work: strict monomaniaque. “It was five years ago I had a rather romantic style and I could have been the face of my brand Henriette H. But since I had my kids and started my business, I have to go to the basics. I am therefore for the uniform, I dress every day the same and I have the same pieces in different colors. ”

Her essentials: big Acne Studios round neck sweatshirts, “I have four models in two different cuts, navy, gray and flashy green”, white men’s shirts in thick poplin or cotton voile, Nike’s Huarache sneakers have replaced her Stan Smith, a model she wore for 15 years, or Margiela’s Tabi boots, which she leaves in the office for a possible date.

The centerpieces of her wardrobe: ” A jacket Acne, white shirts Strong Forte that I slip under my big sweaters, Saint James blue and white marinière that I have in a dozen copies and a red, Stoules leather leggings and high waited jeans also from Acne. In the summer, for fancy days, I sometimes wear long bohemian printed dresses, or skirts printed Roseanna tiger heads to twister simple pieces. But otherwise, I replace the white shirt with a white t-shirt and the jeans with denim shorts. ”

Its favorite creators: Acne for their price / quality positioning and their timeless, logo-free pieces, Roseanna, Forte Forte for their cotton voile shirt. “At the moment I have an obsession for Jacquemus while not having yet made the move to buy a single piece. In her collection “Santons”, I want to offer everything, even my wedding dress! I am also obsessed with the Russian street wear brand Gosha Rubchinskiy, I wear their sweatshirts as if I was 14 years old and I love it. ”

Her favorite accessories: Less is more. “I only wear my engagement ring, the Berber style of Repossi, both modern and romantic. In the ears, I sometimes have a small ring or fleas, but it’s just to prevent it from getting back on. ”

Her shopping place: “I have my habits at the Acne shop rue Froissart in Paris (1) as well as the new Roseanna shop located next door but also at Jogging (2) Colette Marseille where I find all my rooms’street wear, but especially those of the demanding and ethical Swiss brand Avnier.

No doubt, she is from one of those business ladies who got enough success in business world and has become inspiration for number of people in all over the world. Just follow her to be in fashion and also to learn how she made her business successful.

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