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Sarah is from one of the known personalities in all over the world just because of her elegant dressing in fashion industry. She is an MBA in fashion industry and now today she is becoming a great inspiration for all the women, especially for those young girls who having planned to do her own business in near future.Sarah Stagliano - Créateur d'entreprise

Let’s find how she follows the fashion.

BBA &MBA through: BusinessStudyNotes

Her style at work: strict monomaniaque. “It was five years ago I had a rather romantic style and I could have been the face of my brand Henriette H. But since I had my kids and started my business, I have to go to the basics. I am therefore for the uniform, I dress every day the same and I have the same pieces in different colors. ”

Her essentials: big Acne Studios round neck sweatshirts, “I have four models in two different cuts, navy, gray and flashy green”, white men’s shirts in thick poplin or cotton voile, Nike’s Huarache sneakers have replaced her Stan Smith, a model she wore for 15 years, or Margiela’s Tabi boots, which she leaves in the office for a possible date.

The centerpieces of her wardrobe: ” A jacket Acne, white shirts Strong Forte that I slip under my big sweaters, Saint James blue and white marinière that I have in a dozen copies and a red, Stoules leather leggings and high waited jeans also from Acne. In the summer, for fancy days, I sometimes wear long bohemian printed dresses, or skirts printed Roseanna tiger heads to twister simple pieces. But otherwise, I replace the white shirt with a white t-shirt and the jeans with denim shorts. ”

Its favorite creators: Acne for their price / quality positioning and their timeless, logo-free pieces, Roseanna, Forte Forte for their cotton voile shirt. “At the moment I have an obsession for Jacquemus while not having yet made the move to buy a single piece. In her collection “Santons”, I want to offer everything, even my wedding dress! I am also obsessed with the Russian street wear brand Gosha Rubchinskiy, I wear their sweatshirts as if I was 14 years old and I love it. ”

Her favorite accessories: Less is more. “I only wear my engagement ring, the Berber style of Repossi, both modern and romantic. In the ears, I sometimes have a small ring or fleas, but it’s just to prevent it from getting back on. ”

Her shopping place: “I have my habits at the Acne shop rue Froissart in Paris (1) as well as the new Roseanna shop located next door but also at Jogging (2) Colette Marseille where I find all my rooms’street wear, but especially those of the demanding and ethical Swiss brand Avnier.

No doubt, she is from one of those business ladies who got enough success in business world and has become inspiration for number of people in all over the world. Just follow her to be in fashion and also to learn how she made her business successful.

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Pizza is not exactly the healthiest supper. With white dough, an abundance of fatty cheese and usually no gram of vegetables, it does not have the best reputation. Yet many people simply love pizza. To never be allowed to eat again is a big sacrifice.  People, who work outside the country, always use such fast food. They don’t have enough time to cook food for them what they do, they move towards different restaurants in their surroundings. Mumbai Square is one of the great Indian restaurant in London UK and serving the people since many decades and offer the best quality fast food.

Such fast food, especially Pizza is good enough for the human body. There are few items exist in Pizza that are not healthy for the human body. But here this is also one fact that with a few small adjustments, you can make it a healthy meal and delicious as well. Smart Ways to Make Healthier Pizza

Healthy Pizza bottom

The average pizza base is not very healthy. This is mainly due to the white flour, but also the addition of too much salt, sugar and other rubbish does not help. Fortunately, there are plenty of ways to make a healthy pizza bottom yourself! Some are faster than others, but they are all better than the ready-made options.

  1. Wholemeal flour

Do you just want a traditional pizza base, but healthier? Then you simply make one of wholemeal flour. Mix 350 g wholemeal flour with 250 ml water, 1 g yeast, 5 g olive oil and a good pinch of salt and Knead the dough well, let it rise for about 5 hours at room temperature and roll it out for use.

You can also replace wholemeal flour with other flours, such as spelled flour or oatmeal.

  1. Wrap

If you really want to be ready quickly, a wrap bottom is the ideal choice. It is as simple as it sounds: siege a (wholemeal) wrap with your favorite toppings. Then he only needs ten minutes in the oven! To make it even healthier, you can also choose vegetable wraps for the No Fairytales.

  1. Chick peas

At large supermarkets and taco’s you can buy chickpea flour, made from dried chickpeas. That contains just a little more protein than just flour. Mix 130 g chickpea flour with 280 ml water and salt and pepper to make dough. Mix to a smooth mixture and bake for 15-20 minutes at 180 degrees. You can then add your toppings and put them in the oven for a while.

  1. Cauliflower

The cauliflower base is a serious pizza type, and not for nothing. After all, extra vegetables in your soil are always included! As a base, you crumble a whole cauliflower in the blender (you can also use ready-to-eat cauliflower rice).

Roast for 25 minutes in the oven, let it cool down and squeeze out the moisture in a tea towel. Mix with 1 egg, herbs and pepper and salt to taste. Bake it all again for 25 minutes at 180 degrees and you can start investing!

Healthy Pizza Sauce

That investment can of course also be healthier than you think. That starts with the sauce. The average tomato sauce from a jar contains a lot of sugar. In your healthy pizza that is really unnecessary! You can simply make your own sauce by roasting and mashing tomatoes in the oven. A dash of olive oil and some pepper and salt through it, and ready!

It is also nice to mix other vegetables through the sauce. So you can puree leftovers of roasted pumpkin through the tomato sauce for a winter pizza. Carrot and sweet pepper, for example, are also delicious in the pizza sauce.

Finally, you can of course choose to use a completely different basis. For example, invest your pizza with pesto, hummus, tapenade or another sauce.

Healthy Pizza toppings

Then there are the toppings. You can of course throw salami and a few hands full fat cheese on the pizza, but it can also be a lot healthier! We give below a few tips to keep the siege of your pizza healthy.

  • Meat on your pizza? Then do not opt ​​for greasy, processed types such as salami. Instead, for example, chicken and turkey fillet are good options.
  • You can also use fish. The pizza with tuna is a familiar option, but you can also put salmon slices on your pizza after it comes out of the oven.
  • Cheese is not so healthy in large quantities because of the fats. You can choose a cheese with fewer fats, such as mozzarella. Another option is to choose cheese with a stronger taste, which you need less. Think for example of feta, Parmesan or gorgonzola.
  • Vegetables on the pizza are tasty and healthy. Peppers and mushrooms are well-known examples, but you can actually put all of them on your pizza. Leftovers of spinach , slices of zucchini, more fresh tomatoes, asparagus or avocado …
  • You can also experiment with fruit on your pizza! For example, caramelized pears go well with salty cheeses like feta, and grilled peaches do well with mozzarella.
  • Flavors like olives, capers and onion rings are a healthy way to give your pizza extra flavor.
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Had losing weight been as easy as popping up a few magical pills and walla! You are instantly down by a few pounds. If and only if it had been that easy!!!

Best Vitamins For Guaranteed Weight Loss

Well, it turns out, there’s a silver lining after all. There are a few vitamins that can help you shed those extra kilos. A well-balanced diet should be on your platter weight you are on your weight loss journey as it takes care of most of your vitamin and mineral needs.

Can vitamins really help you lose weight?

The answer ‘yes.’ If you can pick your vitamins right, you can definitely lose weight. There are certain vitamins that can miraculously boost metabolism, digestion, and nutrient absorption thus bringing your body to an optimal state. Mixing them up with minerals and other nutrients can further accelerate the process

For example, magnesium – a mineral prevents constipation and supports your weight loss regime. Then again, whole food (organic) like fresh vegetables, protein, and good fats are rich in nutrients and act as supporting characters towards your goal.

Best vitamins to lose weight

Here is a list of the best vitamins for weight loss. Since, not just vitamins but other nutrients to catalyze the process and take care of your overall health, you will also find a few of them on the list.

  1. Vitamin B

Vitamin B is one of the best in this category. They include thiamine (B-1), riboflavin (B-2), niacin (B-3), pantothenic acid (B-5), pyridoxine (B-6), biotin (B-7), folic acid (B-9) and cobalamin (B-12).

These are rich sources that metabolize carbohydrates, fats, and proteins in the body. Like for example, Thiamine aids body cells to convert carbohydrates into energy. Vitamin-rich food includes beans, lentils, milk, eggs, lean meat, whole grains, potatoes, and bananas.

  1. Vitamin D


This one is easy. The sun is the richest source of vitamin D and is vital for a healthy immune system. But, unfortunately, due to our hectic work schedule, we do not get much time to spend outdoors today.

The impact of vitamin D on weight loss is unclear, but researchers suggest obese people have lower levels of serum vitamin D. Therefore, why take the chance? Sources of vitamin D in food include cod liver oil, sardines, tuna, salmon, egg yolk, fortified milk and yogurt and fortified cereals.

On a different note, it also helps fight depression and encourage a positive attitude in people. Spend as much time as you can outdoors basking in the sun. But do not forget to bring your sunscreen.

  1. Vitamin C

Considered as one of the most valuable vitamins to have in our system, Vitamin C helps a great deal when it comes to losing weight. It helps your body lose fat mass and let it function properly. It also boosts immunity, metabolizes fat and regulates blood sugar levels.

Vitamin C deficiency can have a disastrous effect. You will never be able to reach a healthy BMI or lose weight for that matter. Sources include fruit and vegetables like oranges, berries plums, and broccoli.

  1. Iron

Iron carries oxygen to all the cells in the body, create energy and helps them to burn fat. When you have too little iron, you suffer from anemia resulting in fatigue, weakness, and low energy levels. It also negates physical endurance and athletic performance.

Gym instructors at Fit O’ Clock (the best gym in Raja Park, Jaipur) focuses on inducing iron-rich diets on your daily routine. Sources include lean meats, shellfish, beans, and spinach. You can also go for iron-rich foods with a source of vitamin C, like strawberries or tomatoes. It improves absorption.

  1. Calcium


Non-fat dairy products like skim milk and yogurt, tofu, calcium-fortified juice, dark leafy greens, broccoli, canned sardines, cheddar cheese, can actually improve your weight-loss success. But, there’s a catch. You need to choose the right low-fat for it to work.


Watch your portions. If possible, go for foods fortified with vitamin D or go out in the sun for at least 15 minutes a day so that your body can use the consumed calcium right.


  1. Magnesium

From controlling blood glucose, regulating blood pressure, keeping bones strong to make the nervous system functioning smoothly, manganese does it all. It is the master of energy production in the body. You will find magnesium in nuts, seeds, legumes and green leafy vegetables like spinach.

Gym trainers (find the best gym in Jaipur) advice to always keep a handful of nuts in your pocket so that you don’t wear out on your energy and keep feeling full. But don’t overdo it though. They are high in calories.

Remember: The best things in life are not always easy. So, instead of finding a shortcut in vitamin and mineral supplements, go for organic food. It will benefit your health in a lot other ways you even know of.


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Another uplifting news for quick moving individuals is that this sound propensity can make their valuable life longer. Now you can Walk in sharp Steps and Get a long life that hack the all health tips in a single way.

Specialists have demanded that at whatever point there is an opportunity to walk, take after the means which mean the normal of 5 to 7 kilometers for each hour. This can spare individuals from numerous infections and along these lines increment by 20 percent. Easy Habits of Walk in sharp That Help You Live Longer.

On the off chance that you can move much quicker, it will state half-run and this improves the probability of expanding the existence cycle by 24 percent. The Charles Perkins Center and School of Public Health, a master at the University of Sydney, has done this overview with the assistance of his partners.

They demand that the strolling style ought to be kept so quick that notwithstanding breathing and sweating a few sweats since this can turn out to be to be extremely valuable for the propensity forever.

As indicated by researchers, fasting propensities reinforces heart and mind and shields ailments from heart. For this situation, specialists have examined information from 11 essential occasions amongst Scotland and England in the vicinity of 1994 and 2008.

Despite the fact that this investigation was incorporated into age, estimate, race, shading, way of life, weight file, and other, yet shockingly, strolling through sharp advances is to keep demise from numerous real maladies. And furthermore keeps the ailment of these ailments.

Specialists have said that individuals don’t have sufficient energy to walk thus that at whatever point an opportunity to go out for a stroll, it ought to be changed quick. Specialists have distributed this examination in British Journal Sports Medicine.

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The best goalkeepers will tell you they just need a support goal to win, and Andersen did not require anything else on Tuesday night at the Air Canada Center. Andersen stopped the 40 shots of the Florida Panthers to the goal, allowing the Leafs to record their eleventh victory in 13 games with a 1-0 victory. The shutout was Andersen’s fifth in 2017-18 and the 15th in his career in the National Hockey League. Maple Leafs' Andersen back at practice after close call vs. Ducks

The 28-year-old also won for the thirtieth time in 51 games this season. At the last minute, many in the crowd of 18,961 were singing his name. The Leafs improved to 79 points. That put them behind the Boston Bruins, who were visiting Edmonton Oilers on Tuesday night.

Boston has four games available in Leafs. The game marked the 19th anniversary of the first game of Leafs in the ACC, which will be held on February 20, 1999. The Leafs won that night, beating the Montreal Canadiens 3-2 in an extra time goal by Steve Thomas . With the deadline for changes in the NHL on Monday and with scouts from a total of 13 teams (including two from the Vancouver Canucks), Andersen again was excellent as the Leafs opened a three-game house.

Andersen made a point-blank save from Aleksander Barkov early in the first period, setting the tone for the rest of the night. Panthers defender Mike Matheson was serving a blunt penalty on Auston Matthews when Andersen stopped Colton Sceviour on a breakaway, the second-period opportunity after Morgan Rielly ran out of gas in a long shift.

Not long before that, Matthews lost a great opportunity to give the Leafs a 2-0 lead, beating Roberto Luongo but not the post with a delayed penalty. In the third, Panthers defender Aaron Ekblad entered the slot and fired a shot into the Leafs’ net, only to skate frustrated after Andersen quietly made a save from a glove. The Leafs took a 1-0 lead at 19:31 of the first period when James van Riemsdyk’s low shot from 25 feet came between Luongo’s legs and inside the net.

Luongo knew that he should have done salvation and reacted that way, looking up as they celebrated the Leaves. The goal was the 25th of the season of van Riemsdyk; only Matthews, with 27, has more for The Leafs in 2017-18. In other words, it is not hard to see why many believe that the Leafs will cling to van Riemsdyk on the change deadline, ignoring their status this summer as a free agent without restrictions.

As respected as general manager Lou Lamoriello, replacing the goals of van Riemsdyk in the case of changing it would be a great task. Tyler Bozak – in the lineup after losing the morning skate for maintenance – and Jake Gardiner helped in the goal, with Gardiner’s point 200th in his 469th NHL game. Gardiner has 33 assists, giving him the Leafs lead over Mitch Marner and William Nylander, who have 32 apiece. Patrick Marleau skated in his 1,555 NHL game, moving him into possession of the twelfth place in league history, one more than Jarome Iginla.

Marleau was almost able to score the game of the milestone with a goal, but instead shot wide when Nazem Kadri placed him in a 2-on-1 break in the second period. In the third, Luongo denied Marleau after Marner established it. Meanwhile, Thursday will mark a full month since Matt Martin’s last game.

The winger was a healthy scratch for the 13th consecutive game on Tuesday. If Lamoriello can change Martin, or if that is the wish of the DJ, it remains to be seen. Speculation continues that the Leafs are still interested in the Detroit Red Wings center, Luke Glendening, who would be acquired to play in the fourth line.

The idea remains that if the Wings separate from Glendening, they will insist on receiving a player from the list in return. Lamoriello gave himself a little more room for maneuver on Tuesday when he traded Eric Fehr for the San Jose Sharks, reducing the leaves to 48 contracts.

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The fifth year of Miss World Indonesia 2017 was held again, quarantine from July 8th and grand final night will take place July 20, 2017. Here is is Biodata Profile 30 Finalist of Miss World Indonesia 2017 for the world.  Miss World Indonesia 2017 will look for winners not only beautiful in physical, but also have good personality and the main thing is care about environmental sustainability. Top 5 Miss World Indonesia has a title that is.

Miss Indonesia World (Miss Indonesia World )
Miss Indonesia World – Air (Miss Indonesia Air)
Miss Indonesia World – Water (Miss Indonesia Air)
Miss Indonesia World – Fire (Miss Indonesia Api)
Miss Indonesia World – Eco-tourism (Putri Pariwisata Alam Indonesia )

Here is a list of biographical profile of 30 finalist Miss World Indonesia 2017

Michelle Victoria Alriani
Call Michelle
Finalist No.01
Bandung, April 20, 1997
UGM Faculty of Law Faculty of 2015
Top 10 Miss Celebrity Indonesia 2016

Amalia Ainun Yusuf Tambunan
Call Amel
Finalist No.02
Medan, August 29, 1998
Mahasisiwi Jakarta Art Institute
Top 10 Beautiful Indonesia 2015

Call Wuland
Finalist No.03
Bengkulu, 28 November 1992
PNS DG of Community Development MoHA
Runner up 2 Putri Dirgantara Indonesia 2016

Kylia daughter Tiani
Calls Kaylia
Finalists No.04
Jakarta, December 6 1998
Champion Cup 2016 AT ICC

Tetra Sherilla Armavira
Call Tetra
Finalist No.05
Pontianak, October 23, 1998
Student of Sriwijaya University
Top 10 Puteri Indonesia Sumatera Selatan 2015

Dewi Purnamasari
Call Dewi
Finalis No.06
Jakarta, May 31, 1996
Tarumanegara University Student
Receving Icaew Scholarship, Represent My School In National Olympiad

Mercy Andrea
Calls Andrea
Finalist No.07
Bandung, April 12, 1996 Best
IGCSE Business Studies, Penabur International School

Selina Astiri
Call Selin Finalis
Bandung, October 23, 1997
Gajah Mada University Student
Photography contest at national and provincial level, and delegation of Indonesia Asean Student Youth Camp 2017

Firda Aulina
Call Aul
Finalist No.09
Jakarta, September 1, 1994
Flight Nam Air Stewardess
The Best Excelent Sriwijaya Air Group

Helda Hemas Suriri
Call Helda
Finalist No.10
Malang, January 11, 1997
Finalist Wajaha Femina 2015

Ravelia Putri Irawan
Calls Velia
Finalist No. 11
Padang, December 18, 1998
Ambassador Traffic West Sumatra

Marsha Emilia Pical
Call Marsha
Finalist No. 12
Jakarta, May 21, 1993
Actress and Master Ballet
Top 10 Miss Indonesia 2013 and actor Patricia filmed My Stupid Boss

Kathrine Permatasari
Call Kathy
Finalist No. 13
Surabaya, August 28, 1995
Student Faculty of Law University of Surabaya
Ning Talented Surabaya 2014

Stella Bella Elizabeth Maukar
Calls Stella
Finalist No. 14
Jakarta, April 22, 1997
Finalist Indonesia Top Model 2015

Call Nita
Finalist No. 15
Purwodadi, December 29, 1994
Make Up Artist

Refty Eka Rani
Call Refty
Finalist No. 16
Bandar Lampung, November 11, 1998
2nd runner up Supermodel Indonesia 2017

Anastasia Olivia Wongso
Finalist Calls no . 17
Jakarta, July 26th 1992
Finalists Internet Miss Indonesia 2017

Intan Wisni Permatasari
Finalist Diamond No. 18
Tangerang, 08 September 1998 Professional
Model Entertainment Ruddy Hadisuwarno, Model of Makarizo 2014

Jazzy Anastasia Kinsky
Call Jazzy
Finalist No. 19
Kendal, May 21, 1994
English Teachers
Win 1 Tourism Ambassador Kendal District 2013 and Police Ambassador Central Java 2016

Irma Kurniasih
Call Irma
Finalist No. 20
Jakarta, May 31, 1996
University of Indonesia Education Student
Finalist Duta Bahasa Jawa Barat 2016

Dilla Kusuma Goddess
Call Dilla
Finalist No. 21
Cimahi, May 21, 1998
Student of Faculty of Accounting Trisakti University
None Favorite West Jakarta 2017

Difa Dini Asfari
Call Difa
Finalist No. 22
Bandung, October 24, 1992
Champion 3 and Favorite Champion Mojang Bandung 2014

Rizky Anisha
Call Icha
Finalist No. 23
Solok, December 10, 1996
1st Runner up Miss Sumatera Barat 2017

Trisna Wulanda Chania
Calls Nana
Finalist No. 24
Padang, September 12, 1997
Student State University of Padang
Runner Up Miss Teen Indonesia 2016 and Finalist of Miss Celebrity Indonesia 2016

Nurul Fhadilla Prima Yanda
Call Dilla
Finalist No. 25
Bukit Tinggi, August 14th 1994
Miss West Sumatra Indonesian 1st, 2017 and Model Search 2016 in Padang

Alicia Beverly Weley
Call Alicia
Finalist No. 26
Surabaya, August 5, 1995
Djarum Foundation Delegate In Rome 2017 and Finalist of Putri Putri Batik Nusantara 2015

Putu Ayu Sita Laksmi
Call Sita
Finalist No. 27
Denpasar, February 19, 1994
Puteri Indonesia Bali Friendship 2016 and Indonesian Delegation to South Korea and Thailand (AYFN)

Rita Nurmaliza
Calls Rita
Finalist No. 28
Bengkalis, October 17, 1995
Dara Bengkalis Regency 2013

Wilda Octaviana Situngkir
Call Wilda
Finalist No. 29
Jakarta, October 27, 1995
Runner up 1 Princess Tourism Kuburaya Regency West Kalimantan

Lisa Dwi Wahyuningsih
Call Lisa
Finalist No. 30
Malang, April 20, 1993
Runner up 1 Putri Tourism Kuburaya Regency West Kalimantan 2015

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Here is the list of Trivia Crown of Miss Universe till to day that will really inspire and be informational for you. 1952: Trivia Crown of Miss Universe. The first crown of Miss Universe is only used by Armi Kuusela, the first Miss Universe. This crown is a miniature replica of the crown worn by Queen Elizabeth II of England, with jewelry at the base of velvet and tied to the head with a white ribbon.Miss Universe Trivia - Some Quick Facts

1953: The second crown of the second Miss Universe crown is used only by Christiane Martel, the second Miss Universe. The crown is a small gold crown, made of metal, with five tops above it with a small ball, the center top intensity has a small bright ornament.

1954-1960: The third crown of Miss Universe was used in the holding of 1954-1960. The shape is thin, decorated with diamonds and pearls, whose structure consists of ten peaks, five on each side, each topped with pearls. At the center, a rising star adorns the set, which is the main ornament.

1961-1962: The fourth Miss Universe crown was used from 1961-1962. This is a classic crown as a beauty queen, the structure is smooth, amorphous and symmetrical, decorated with bright-shaped leaves. In the center, big stars-six peaks.

1963-2001: The fifth crown of Miss Universe is the longest crown used as a symbol. A thin, brightly colored, ornament-shaped shape on the sides, framing the oval center containing a female figure with arms at the sides of the body (logo until Miss Universe 1997) standing on a circle. This crown, subjected to subtle changes for some use, changes from larger pieces, something a little more subtle and narrow.

2002-2007: The sixth crown of Miss Universe, officially called Phoenix, but known as the Mikimoto crown, was first used in 2002 to 2007. It consists of 18 carat diamonds, 800 bright and 120 high quality pearls. Its value is around $ 250,000.

2008: The seventh Miss Universe crown is only used in the 2008 edition. Designed by Rosalina Tran Lydster Jewelry Company by Rosalina and Dang Thi Kim Lien from CAO Fine Jewelry, Vietnam. With a value of $ 120,000, made of white gold and 18 carat gold, and more than a thousand precious stones, including diamonds, quartz, and gems.

2009 – 2013: The eighth crown of Miss Universe crown is chosen by Internet users around the world. The Miss Universe organization commissioned the Nexus Labs Diamond Company, to create a new crown, named Peace, Unity and Hope (Hope). The design that won the most votes voting is Hope, so Miss Universe this year using the crown.

2014: The ninth Trivia Crown of Miss Universe produced by Diamond International Corporation (DIC), a gem company from the Czech Republic with a crowning inspiration from a skyscraper located in New York, USA. Total weight of 411 grams for $ 300,000. Consisting of 33 natural rocks, 5 topaz stones are 18.6 carat black, 198 sapphire stone is 29.7 carat black, 311 small gem 10.37 carats.

2017: Crown of Mikimoto (used in 2002-2007) re-used in the coronation of Demi-Leigh Nel-Peters

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Cong’s  to Koko Steven and Cici Michelle Elected as Koko Cici Jakarta 2017. Cong’s to Koko Steven and Cici Michelle Elected as Koko Cici Jakarta 2017Passing the quarantine for 14 days, the final night of Koko Cici Jakarta 2017 took place on Tuesday (9/5/2017) at Taman Ismail Marzuki Small Theater.Cong's  to Koko Steven and Cici Michelle Elected as Koko Cici Jakarta 2017

The event opened with a performance performance performances of 32 pairs of finalists with peranakan dance combined beautifully with Betawi dance. Followed by Koko Cici Jakarta dance.

Finalists were judged by eight juries namely Donny de Keizer (public speaking) Drs. H. Sukarno (government) Jhonie Sugiarto (tourism) Mulya Dewi SH (foreign language) Guan Nan (Chinese culture & mandarin) Irma M. Psi (psychology) Wilsen Bunnawan (bond koko cici) and Wilson Wijaya (koko cici ties)

The event was then followed by a fashion show parade, Koko looks dashing with suits and Cici suits look beautiful with evening dress. Followed by question and answer session and the top of the jury to choose Steven Tjhin & Michelle T Koko Cici Jakarta 2017, both will compete again diajang Koko Cici Indonesia.

Here is the list of winners Koko Cici Jakarta 2017

Steven Tjhin & Michelle T Koko Cici Jakarta 2017
Representative I
Kenny Hutomo & Regina Rianto Koko Cici Jakarta 2017 representatives II
Son Agung & Luissela N Koko Cici Jakarta 2017 Hope I
Andre Arlis & Melinda Konny Koko Cici Jakarta 2017 Harapan II
Febryan Kurniawan & Evita Loudres Koko Cici Jakarta 2017 Favorite
David Theo & Sheila Shaady Koko Cici Jakarta 2017 Gifted

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Ximena Navarrete is formally drawn in to Juan Carlos Valladares! The previous Miss Universe reported the news on her Instagram account with a photograph of herself embracing her lover, and obviously, her staggering wedding band made its introduction. “Today my @jcvalladares gave me the most wonderful shock in the world!!!!! I am the most joyful lady in this universe!!!!! I’m getting hitched to the best man, my closest companion, and the man with whom I long for framing a family. I cherish you!!!! You’re the best!!!” the star subtitled the photograph. Get here news photos images of weddings Ximena Navarrete Is affianced.  Secrets to Looking Natural in Your Wedding Photos

As indicated by HOLA!, the future prepare requested Navarrete’s deliver marriage at the Palacio Museum of San Agustín, where he painstakingly chose the establishments to make the ideal mood for the proposition. The couple, which started dating right around a year prior, later facilitated a gathering with loved ones to commend their engagement. See her Miss Universe Ximena Navarrete.

The lovely lady turned on-screen character held the relationship under wraps for some time until the point that she at long last uncovered her relationship to her supporters. Congrats to the cheerful couple and future Mr. furthermore, Mrs. Former Miss Universe Ximena Navarrete announces her engagement

Valladares! In the wake of catching the Miss Universe crown in 2010 — and winding up just the second Mexican subject to do as such, we may include! — Navarrete has been keeping occupied as an effective performer, chipping away at well known telenovelas. So obviously, her proposition was absolutely cleanser musical drama commendable! As indicated by E! News, the lovely lady’s beau of one year, Juan Carlos Valladares, took Navarrete to the Palacio Museum of San Agustín, where he pre-orchestrated the establishments of the workmanship exhibition to fill in as immaculate proposition feeling. Valladares at that point popped the inquiry with a to-bite the dust for wedding band, including an on top of the world focus precious stone on a silver band.

Furthermore, obviously, the lady of the hour to-be really wanted to flaunt her new wonderful trinket with an EngagementRingSelfie (see beneath) on the ‘Gram. No stresses, Navarrete — we wouldn’t have the capacity to help ourselves, either! “Today my @jcvalladares gave me the most lovely shock in the world!!!!!,” Navarrete wrote in Spanish, subtitling a photograph of herself and her playmate grasping. “I am the most joyful lady in this universe!!!!! I’m getting hitched to the best man, my closest companion, and the man with whom I long for framing a family. I adore you!!!! You’re the best!!!”

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The Spanish Colonial resurgence in the Heart of the Hollywood hills now. This 1927 Spanish Colonial Revival sits above Sunset Boulevard in the core of the Hollywood Hills. The news is about Grand Hollywood Hills Spanish Colonial Hits Market For $7.95 Million by Forbes.

It has been possessed since 1999 by big name inside architect Craig Wright, whose customers have included Michael Douglas, Dan Aykroyd, James Coburn and James Garner.

Meryl Streep Buys Mid-Century Spread in California

“At this moment there is nothing available here in Los Angeles that is remotely similar to it,” said posting specialist Sally Forster Jones. “It’s simply the style, the highlights, the quality—that is the thing that makes it one of a kind.”

“It’s all intriguing and comfortable,” she said. “He had a considerable measure of Hollywood first class going to the house.” Now Spanish Colonial Revival in the hills of Bronson Canyon get latest news.

In his decade-long rebuild of the drifting old house, Mr. Wright looked for motivation from the Andalusia, a memorable 1920s condo complex in Hollywood where he had beforehand lived, as indicated by Architectural Digest.

“He has utilized loads of various styles in the house, yet everything feels pulled together,” Ms. Jones said. “He likewise gathers collectibles and it’s brimming with excellent collectibles.”

“It’s extremely private with hint regions all through,” she said. “There are loads of niches and corners and private seating regions.”

Other structural and configuration subtle elements incorporate hand-created moldings, bronze-threw warming meshes, openings, expand light fixtures, inlet roofs, fabricated ins, hardwood floors and great sections.

“What is exceptional is the library—with twofold stature roofs, a luxurious chimney, and a wet bar,” Ms. Jones said. “It has been included in Architectural Digest various circumstances.”

The house additionally has a formal lounge area and a smooth, all-white kitchen, which is furnished with Thermador machines, floor-to-roof metro tiles, and stone ledges.

“The rooms are largely unique,” Ms. Jones said. “All are suites with special styles.”

Neighborhood notes

“It’s not high up in the slopes—it’s two minutes from the Sunset Strip, at the maximum,” Ms. Jones said. “A considerable lot of the youthful famous people support this zone.”

“It’s near West Hollywood, with its many bars and eateries,” she said. “It’s near Beverly Hills. It’s near the majority of the activity.”

Operators: Sally Forster Jones, Bryce Lowe and Kirby Gillon, John Aaroe Group.

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